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Non-profits receive 20%, off an already affordable price!!


Website optimization for speed and SEO is key for companies' success in selling online.

Even non-profits compete against each other online for attention and dollars. Verifying and tweeking  websites performance should be done every 6 months to accommidate changes made to Google algorithyms. Refreshing a websites content at least every quarter keeps clients and customers engaged with your message.

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Some terms and restrictions apply to getting a website in 24 hours.

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Second, the scope of the project needs to be agreed upon at the start.

If you need a brand new website fast this is the solution for you!

Special Grant offer for 501(c)(3) non-profit entities in Santa Clara, Monterey, Santa Cruz, and San Benito counties.

ZK Web Designs is offering one special local non-profit organization up to 15 hours of free web design/building or updating on the platform of their choice. This is our commitment to helping those that enrich our communities. Non-profits can use this grant to add multilingual support to their web sites and reach even more people.


Our selection process will include, the scope of the project, expected timeline of completion, impactfulness, and viability.


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The latest grant was awarded to the Morgan Hill Downtown Association.  The MHDA works hard for their members

to keep them up to date with changes made by the Morgan Hill Economic Development Council. They also sponsor

local events to bring people downtown to engage with our wonderful city.

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