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This is the best lead generation and local awareness strategy for small businesses. Use Google My Business Profile to keep the crickets away.

Updated: May 15

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If you can hear crickets around your business, it is time to start marketing!

If you are looking for insightful information regarding local SEO and rankings be sure to only use relevant and timely information. Online technologies, trends and consumer behavior changes quite often and sometimes drastically in a short period of time. In my opinion I don't like to use data that is more than 3 years old.

In the online world - digital marketing pitches are louder than this years crop of cicada but what can we still say today that is valuable, timely, and DIY.

What do we know about Google My Business profile(GMB)?

Below are some key points related to GMB that came from a video script I'm working on.

1. GMB is a free business listing which helps customers find you in Google Search or Maps.

2. It gives your business increased visibility making it easier for people to find you or become a lead.

Here is a link to a deep dive into local SEO "33 (Verified) Local SEO Stats for 2024"

3. GMB allows for customer interaction through review and questions online

Of course there are several other important points to make that I'll include in a later post.

If you agree that GMB is super important for a local businesses SEO, then it is time to act.

You need to: claim your business if you haven't already, add photos especially of store fronts or signage, get reviews - preferably 5 or more, update your business information, and add services or products to your GMB.

If you have a GMB it is important to keep it updated and active. You can go through all of the steps above except for "claim your business" to give it face lift.

Lastly, perform a "near me" search for businesses like yours or their products and services.

If you aren't displayed in at least the top three listings by Google Maps or Search, you will need to work on ranking higher to get leads.

I hope this helps, always feel free to reach out to me with questions or comments.


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