Higher Grounds Bakery looks delicious no matter what!


It also incorporates high-resolution images with vibrant colors. We specifically balanced the earth tones of the baked goods with other colored objects such as fruits, berries, and colored bowls.


Higher Grounds Bakery


LMCUSA website was built in Shopify and incorporates strong imagery and a "retro" feeling. The "retro" feeling was blended into the theme to appear engaging and familiar with the client's unique customers.


Latitude Machinery


This website details the struggles parents have with their kids mobile devices and gaming consoles. It incorporates several see-through pages, very high-resolution images, and video page backgrounds to give it a very engaging look and feel.


Avail Parental Controls

Limnoterra Inc.

We recently finished creating a website for a Natural Resource Consultant. He provides the site surveys, geo specs and inventories for large plots of land and is specifically trained in all aspects of hydrology in local environments. This web site needs a domain name applied to it and it is good to go!

Before rework

After rework

Rapids Propeller & Marine

Our latest client owns and operates an exciting boat repair, refurbishing, and storage business in Wisconsin. We gave his website the look and feel of being on the water, with great action photos which convey the experience of boating.


Rapids Propeller & Marine

Morgan Hill Downtown Association

This web site has been a very exciting project to work on!! I not only do I get to work with the downtown association where I live but also interact with their members. This has also been a challenging site to build due to its large scope.

It is also a WordPress web site that gives me many design options not found in common builders. The main requirements for this project were to reduce hosting costs, modernize look and feel, and allow the web site to be moved in the future. I was able to bring their hosting costs down from $4k per year to $600.